Aurora appetizers: The Donut House
Published by: The 614orty-Niner
The story of the Dieyleh family will sound awfully familiar to fans of Columbus donut institution Buckeye Donuts. Similar to Buckeye Donuts owner Jimmy Barouxis' tale, Moe Dieyleh currently holds the head baker position of The Donut House, a business his father Omar opened in 2009.  Read More >>

Business Q&A:  The Donut House

Published by: The Denver Post
Interview with Moe Dieyleh, general manager
Q: How did you get involved in this business?
A: My father is a longtime baker. He was constantly working for different people, but this opportunity presented itself, so we decided to take a risk and open a donut shop.  Read More  >>

2014 Denver A-list winner: Donut House
Published by:  Denver A-List
Boston creme, chocolate glazed, powdered, or jelly filled. Where do you go for your favorite?  Read More >>


Sweet life: Aurora baker’s hole theory on making better donuts
Published by: Aurora Sentinel
“A lot of people don’t understand the science of the donut. It has to be exact,” said Moe Dieyleh, who serves as the head baker at The Donut House, a diner-like donut shop his father Omar Dieyleh opened in 2009.  Read More >>